So firstly I should start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year even though it’s a little late I hope everyone had a wonderful festive period and is enjoying the beginning of 2014..

My year has been great so far in the first week I turned 21 and i’ve been enjoying myself spending time with my friends and family. Although I’ve been enjoying myself and everything in my life is good, my psoriasis has been causing me a little anger and alot of pain.


I stopped taking my ciclosporin before christmas and my psoriasis made the most of returning very quickly and following this cracking an awful lot and making my life very painful to the extent I had to slow down what I was doing and give myself time to breath.

When my psoriasis flares up I tend to find myself in the same routine getting angry at the fact I have it, spending my time trying to justify that its ok to feel angry and in alot of discomfort as my psoriasis tends to attack my hands first. When I give myself time to breath and reflect I can generally bring myself to my senses quickly and realise that things could be worse!!

The problem I generally have is that for the last few years I have used ciclosporin to clear my skin using it in periods, and it works fantastic for me personally and I can clear my skin completely at times however a year ago I got my first full time job and I have found it hard to combine using this treatment and going to work. Ciclosporin gives me great results with the consequence of me feeling rubbish. I normally get headaches and feel sick which makes going to work hard but I try and do my best. The problem I have is that the treatment works great to clear my skin which is great but taking the tablets is a challenge in itself. I hate my psoriasis so I take the tablets that clears my skin but leaves me feeling ill!!

I am currently looking at maybe trying a private route to see if it is possible to try UVB again but at a time that would be suitable for my job as I truely feel I have to try a good routine and make sure my psoriasis doesn’t take over my life like I can let it do at times. I have an appointment with my current dermatologist ( who’s great) on Monday and I am going to discuss with him looking at possible other options that may work as honestly is the best policy even if you dread the answers you may get.

I have really struggled over that last couple of weeks psoriasis and I’ve had so much support over twitter. It’s hard to describe how I feel at times, I tend to question an awful lot but I know that I have to keep working hard to challenge my psoriasis and making sure that people are aware of the impacts psoriasis can have upon someones life.

Making decisions around things such as jobs, whether you have children, other illnesses etc can really make it difficult to combine everything but you have to make sense of what is most important, for me I know if I don’t treat my skin there comes a time when I stop functioning and I become feeling low therefore the most important thing is to find a treatment that doesn’t affect my job, luckily for me I have a great boss who’s very understanding which makes life much easier.

I would love to hear about anyone elses experiences of psoriasis and work, you can leave a comment on here or email jessicaandpsoriasis@hotmail.co.uk

Until next time Jess xxx

6 thoughts on “Honesty.

  1. I admire you for being that upfront with us. Thank you.

    Working and suffering from psoriasis is hard sometimes. Or better yet, always. I need double strenght mostly all the time. I don’t take pills for the reasons you already mentioned. But my skin more or less constantly hurts or itches. If possible I don’t speak about my psoriasis. It’s on my legs and back so I can easily cover it, thank god. Unfortunately it affects some of my nails.

    But as said, I like the way you handle it. I whish I could wipe away this stuff, yours and mine. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Mick, it’s been surprising how many people have said treating psoriasis and working is an issue. As for me being honest and sharing, I think this is the key for change in the future! Thank you for your kind comments X

  2. Hey Jessica!
    I am very happy to have come across your blog. I am also just beginning to blog about my psoriasis. I would love to be in communication with you about it! I’ve been in and out of depression about it and have finally began to find things that work for me. I would love to share some of my trial, error, success and results with you, if you would be interested. I just started my blog and it doesn’t have much content on it yet, but I will be posting more very soon. Check it out if you want.❤ Sena

  3. My son 17 was just diagnosed. I am just so worried for him. It is good to hear of a young person who has managed, I so wish I could fix it for him.

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