My child has psoriasis..

Today I would like to introduce Karen and her son Callum, they are currently both working extremely hard for people to gain a better understanding of psoriasis! They are both no newbie to media world either after appearing on the Food Hospital TV show a few years ago.

Here is their story…

Psoriasis-It’s a Family Affair!!??

In my family Psoriasis is a family friend or enemy depending on how you look at it. I have it, my mum has it, my dad has it, my Grandfather had it and so does my son-4th generation!! However my son wasn’t born with it and I had this naïve notion that none of my children would get it so it was still upsetting when he did. Even more so when he got it worse than I ever did at that age.

Watching people pull their kids away from your gorgeous child because they think they will catch it. As I pointed out to one nasty woman the Psoriasis wasn’t catching but her ignorance and stupidity was!! After copious amount of creams it was time to move to UVB but that had difficulties. How do you keep a 3 year old in a UVB box? We managed with rhyme time and counting sheep. It didn’t work so off to discuss Methotrexate and Acertretin. How do I consider long term consequences of what could happen to a 4 year old, how do I explain to him about blood tests. As a parent when your child’s veins collapse due to continual blood removal it tears you apart. However it worked so it was worth all the heart ache and pain.

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Unfortunately Tonsillitis made it reoccur and it was back to medication and our starring role on TV’s The Food Hospital. Within 12 weeks a special diet and omega 3 fish oils we are clear again!! Then he became ill again and it returned (anyone notice a pattern!!!!!) damn you tonsils. This time progress is made they are to be removed in conjunction with MORE medication. Within 12 weeks Acertretin works it magic and for me the day of removal arrives. Operation and recovery goes without a hitch and that’s where we are now……WAITING……………………….. No more tonsils so hopefully no more tonsillitis so no more Strep Infections so no more Guttate???? Here’s hoping.

So a family affair and a family curse. I hate myself for giving it to him, but it not my fault. Callum doesn’t hate me anymore than I hate my parents for it. As an aside if I had a magic wand I would wave it and take it away but I pray my daughter doesn’t get it. The thought of her going through those bitchy, nasty teenage girly years fills me with dread. I’m hoping Callum won’t experience that because boys are not that obsessed with looks. I was once banned from a swimming pool on a French exchange trip and after hitting that low I decided I would NEVER be a victim again. I have taught Callum that there is nothing wrong with him and if people are not okay with his psoriasis it is THEIR problem and THEIR issue not his. Live your life, wear what you want and do what you want. If people stare, ask them for a picture!!

MANTRA- No-one is perfect, I just happen to know what my imperfection is!!

Happy Psoriasis Day

Love Karen and Callum


You can also view their story here –

or to watch the Food Hospital show click here –

4 thoughts on “My child has psoriasis..

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  3. Hope this young guy can keep it under control or nip it in the butt. I’ve had it since I was about 21…it comes and goes but mostly stayed. I’m 42 now. I still use creams and light machines ocassionally.
    However I have found that when I live and eat healthly it keeps it from breaking out too badly and I can wear any clothes I like.

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