Leo Pharma are great at getting psoriasis patients involved and interacting, this World Psoriasis Day Leo have created the #discoverpsoriasis campaign. What they are asking is you take a picture or video with #discoverpsoriasis and post it on social media. Along with the campaign they have made a great video, please take a moment to watch!

Most importantly have a lovely day, as today really is just about us!!!!

Quality Care

Please let me start with an apology for how neglected my blog has been over the past few months, sometimes I spend more time thinking what to write instead of actually writing although I somehow never seem to have time anymore either. Having said that I have been working away writing for something a little different which I would like to share with you and I hope you will enjoy.

Over the last few months I have been writing about topics including my life and psoriasis for a new support service for people living with psoriasis called Quality Care which has been brought together by Leo Pharma.

Quality Care offers support, information and advice for people who’s lives may be affected by psoriasis as either a patient, a relative or friend of someone who has psoriasis or health professionals. The aim of the site is to ensure everyone has access to the information or support they need, not to promote certain types of products or views, just a helpful resource I wish I had many years ago. One of the main things I find is I get asked to help with many psoriasis projects however there is usually a requirement to promote something which is why I often choose not to be involved, however with this project it was so refreshing, as real experiences and genuine care for patients was the key to making this resource.

On the Quality Care website you are able to register for free, this enables you to access a range of information around psoriasis but also read the blogs of myself and 3 other psoriasis patients offering our experiences for everyone to read. Each one of us have very different blogs which is great as they are all about our hobbies, interests and how we deal with our psoriasis.

Meet the group:

Simon – https://myskinandi.wordpress.com

Helen – http://www.theflakyfashionista.com

Rena – https://psoriasisexposedbyrena.wordpress.com/

I can assure you all of these blogs are well worth a visit.

Quality Care  also offers an app called MyPso, this app enables you to keep all relevant information regarding your psoriasis in one place and can make life much eaiser! I recommend keeping track of things such as triggers, treatments and how you are feeling to help you with questions you make want to ask at your next visit to your health professional. There will also be advice for these available to read.

This is a very short overview of Quality Care, I have attatched the link below for you to have a look, I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!


On a different note…

Treatment Update

Thank you to everyone who I have spoken to via twitter about my treatment I just wanted to share an update with you all. I am currently using Methotrexate and was having a few issues, my liver results are a little up and down however fingers crossed they are now improving and my skin seems to be too. I did have a flare up around a month ago but I am hoping it will be much calmer now and begin to disappear a little (fingers crossed).

Until next time Jess.


So I haven’t blogged for a while now but I’m still busy with working on Psoriasis. I am currently working on a charity evening I’m hosting in aid of the Psoriasis Association which will take place in May, I’m hoping to raise around £400 as well as spreading the word about what psoriasis is!

I’ve also had my check up with my dermatologist last week and unfortunately it seems my methotrexate has started to affect my liver so I am now awaiting some test results but I’m praying it’s just a blip as methotrexate really works well for me. My skin has been very well controlled since I started taking the tablets and Its the first winter I’ve survived without my skin cracking!!

I’m also about to start working on a new psoriasis project that I’m hoping to share with you all soon.

I also have a few emails that I will be replying to this week, sorry if you’ve been awaiting a reply!


University and Psoriasis

It’s the time of year where students are about to begin their university adventures, here’s my advice for those living with psoriasis who are beginning their courses, I hope it helps and good luck.

Leaving home and attending university was a task I found very challenging as I was both excited and nervous to find out what may be ahead. Knowing I was moving away from my comfort zone to mix with new people wasn’t something I found difficult however having psoriasis made this ten times harder.

My mind was all over the place before I moved away as I was more or less covered in psoriasis at the time I was to move and knowing I would shaking hands with people and introducing myself was becoming a nightmare. Knowing how to explain psoriasis and what it is can often be a difficult task because making other people understand how psoriasis can come and go, change peoples self esteem and the way they feel about themselves is often misunderstood.
My experience of moving away to university was positive, people excepted me very quickly and I felt at ease to bring up my psoriasis very early on. Talking to people about psoriasis I see is a very positive way to educate others, you will often find that most people won’t change their opinion of you due to your psoriasis and it is not an issue.

Here’s a couple of pieces of advice from others for people living with psoriasis who are starting university…

I was honest with my roommates about it. It was a tough conversation but made it easier.

To be open with people about what it is&lead with the fact it’s not catching. They’ll be far more understanding than you think.

My personal advice for those who are moving away to university is first to explain what psoriasis and be truthful about how this impacts you, if there are times when your skin is sore and you want to time to relax and treat it give your self some time alone and let your friends know you are fine but need time to chill. Find a doctors surgery on campus or near by and visit to ensure they are aware you have psoriasis and they understand how your psoriasis affects you, whether you have a small patch or are completely covered it can affect us in different ways. Depending on the severity of your psoriasis you may be best to inform student services on site and see if they can support you in any way there may be support available you are unaware of.

Preparation can be key for dealing with difficult situations be ready for what is ahead and be positive.

For more information about dealing with psoriasis at university visit the psoriasis association for teens page http://www.psoteen.org.uk/pages/view/deal-with-it/school-uni-and-beyond

Good luck, Jess x

Psoriasis : Think Twice

Many people have found my blog through an article on the BBC Newsbeat page, which was produced through an interview with BBCs Tina Daheley.

Last week I was given the wonderful opportunity to travel to London to take part in some radio interviews to talk to about my experiences of living with Psoriasis and also talk about an exciting new project in which I’ve been involved.

I have been working in partnership with leading health care professionals and Leo Pharma to develop The Psoriasis Think Twice campaign. The aim of Think Twice is to raise awareness of psoriasis patients that are stuck in the cycle of repeat prescriptions or who aren’t receiving the best support and care for their psoriasis, as well as providing useful resources to enable this to change and patients to become in control of their psoriasis.

This was something I found as a great opportunity as it gave me a chance to change what may have been negative experiences for me into positive experiences for other people living with psoriasis.

One resource for me which is so important is called 7 Tips for 7 minutes, which is a resource for patients to use when attending their appointments with health care professionals in order to help give some suggestions as to what questions you may like to ask, what you may need for your appointment and a place to write some extra things you may like to have as preparation. One thing I have learnt over time is never be afraid to ask your dermatologist questions, this links back to my previous post! I like to know how I should be using my treatment, why this is the right treatment for me (why it is the best option) and also what if it doesn’t work? People may think this is a negative question however it is very reassuring to know that this isn’t the only option. These questions could have changed my whole experience of psoriasis if I had known to ask them earlier. This is why a tip sheet for me is a very important resource. ( The link for the tip sheet is on the Think Twice website.)

When in London I took part in a number of interviews with a dermatologist called Dr Anthony Bewdley, it was a great to have a chance to answer some questions about my experiences and also learn how things are changing to ensure patients are receiving sufficient care.

Here I am at the BBC studios ready for my interview!

One of the questions I was continuingly asked was why do I think it is important for paitients to make sure they have regular check ups, and I personally believe continuous appointments with a health care professional allows you to be in control of your psoriasis and get the right support you need and if this isn’t the case then something isn’t right. Don’t be scared to ask for a second opinion or questions the treatment you get given. To be happy and healthy the treatment and care has to be whats right you and your lifestyle.

Please make sure you have a look at the Think Twice website.


There are some wonderful resources on the website including a wonderful video called Exposed by a lovely person called Rena. I found this video useful when trying to explain how I was feeling about my psoriasis as it meant I didn’t have to talk I could let my parents and family watch the video.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.